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APCS Automation has a full-fledged electrical and instrumentation division, which undertakes all types of projects including procurement of instruments and equipment, erection of materials as well as construction, testing/calibration and commissioning of projects in the field of:

  • Petrochemical Industries

  • Industrial Security Firms

  • Shipping and Marine Management

  • Commercial complex management

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Govt/Public sector industries

  • Oil and Gas refineries


  • Automobile Industries

  • Manufacturing Industries

  • Brewery Industries

  • Mining Industries

  • Energy Management Firms

  • Landscape and Real Estate Management

  • Industrial Automation and Robotics

  • Home/ Domestic Management

    Process Control & Automation       

  • Designing & Commissioning of Panels

  • Control Panels with PLC Systems

  • SCADA Packages for Process Automation

  • VFD Based Control Panels

  • PLC & HMI Control System

  • Electrical System Drawing


  Calibration and Testing

  • Pressure Gauges and Transmitters

  • Temperature Gauges and Switches

  • RTD and Thermocouple

  • Flow Meters – Ultrasonic, Magnetic DP Cell

  • Level Transmitter

  • Fire & Smoke Detector Testing

  • Control Valve and Solenoid Valve


 Area of Expertise

APCS Automation provide the following Energy Management Systems

  • AMF Panels

  • Generator Control Panel

  • Power Panels – MSB, PDB, LDB

  • Auto Synchronization Panels

  • Load Manager using PLC & SCADA

  • Control Panel with PLC System

  • Power Monitoring using PLC & SCADA

  • Designing & Commissioning of Panel

  • LT & HT Panels

  • Energy Conservation Analysis

  • Capacitor Panels with APFC

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