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This hands-on training covers PAC Programming, Wiring, Troubleshooting, Maintenance and its industrial application in general.

The participant is trained on Allen Bradley ControlLogix / CompactLogix Controllers. We use real industrially compliance software for the PAC training and this will help the participant to be familiar with the software being used on the field.


After successfully completing the training the participant will be proficient in handling PAC projects independently.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction and Applications of PAC

  • PAC programming Software (RSLogix5000)

  • PAC Communication Software (RSLink Classic)

  • CompactLogix Controller hardware Configurations

  • CompactLogix Controller Instructions Programming – Digital/Analog

  • On-Line Editing

  • Downloading and Uploading Programs

  • CompactLogix Controller Practical Wiring standard

  • Real-time experience industrial Project works

  • CompactLogix Controller Troubleshooting both Hardware and Software

  • CompactLogix Controller Maintenance

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