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This hands-on training covers HMI design and development of new projects, downloading into the hardware terminal and configuring to PLC to control panel application.

Any automation system is said to be blind without HMI. HMI gives the ability to the operator and the management to view the plant in real time. Add to that the ability to have alarm management that can warn the operator of a problem.

The main functionalities of a human interface are to monitor, supervise, and control processes.

We trained participants on various brands of HMI i.e. Allen Bradley Panel View, Siemens Touch, and Delta.

We use real industrially compliance software for training for all the HMI and this helps the participants to be familiar with the software being used on the field.

After successfully completing the training the participant will be proficient in handling HMI projects independently.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction and Applications of HMI

  • HMI Architecture

  • HMI Design and Development

  • Communication Configurations between HMI and PLC

  • Downloading and Uploading Programs

  • Real-time experience industrial Project works

  • HMI troubleshooting both Hardware and Software

  • HMI Maintenance

  • Configuration and interfacing to PLC and PC

  • Communication standards – DFI, Ethernet Dh+485, Rs232, Rs485, Profibus, Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP

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